Lektsiya Pavla Rudneva 20/5000 Lecture by Pavel Rudnev

About performance

Pavel Rudnev will speak about the Polish theatre director, teacher and theorist Jerzy Grotowski, a key figure for understanding contemporary theatre and a major contributor to its theoretical foundations. The talk will touch on the ‘poor theatre,’ ‘art as vehicle,’ the connections between Catholicism, Judaism and Hinduism, the Indian Kathakali dance, and much more. 

Pavel Rudnev is a theatre critic, historian and manager, special projects assistant to the artistic director of Moscow Art Theatre and the dean of Moscow Art Theatre School. He studied theatre history at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, and is a Doctoral Candidate in art history and one of the key scholars specializing in contemporary theatre in Russia. He has published over a thousand articles, gives talks and takes part in conferences around the world, and has been on the jury for the biggest theatre awards and prizes. From 2004 to 2011 he was the artistic director of Meyerhold Centre and in different years an expert for Golden Mask Prize and a curator of its Mask Plus program. In 2018 he was director of programming at Tolstoy Weekend Theatre Festival in Yasnaya Polyana. He has translated into Russian plays by contemporary authors like Martin McDonagh  and Mark Ravenhill among others.