Everything by my sibe

  • 21/10
    ММОМА Petrovka 25

About performance

Slip in between the pristine white sheets of a stranger’s bed and listen to the long-lost memory of a childhood tale in this intimate, playful performance.

Reawakening long-lost stories that have lain dormant somewhere in the recesses of our mind and soul, these sleepy encounters become a place for escaped nightmares, daydreams and silent connections.

The performance goes on th russian language 
Duration of one session is 15 minutes

Age limit 18+

ММОМА Petrovka st., 25
st. metro Chekhovskaya / Trybnaya

Photos © Conrado Krivochein

Supported by company ORMATEK



  • Author, director, set designer — Fernando Rubio
  • Author, director & space designer — Fernando Rubio
  • Producer — Cecilia Kuska
  • Artistic Assistant — Laura Limp