Taketeru Kudo's <nobr>master-class</nobr>

About performance


Taketeru Kudo: «In the mother's womb every human being passes through every stage of the origin of species that lasted 100 million years».

“A human body contains the memory of this and every now and then this memory is calling us. Making steps toward the sources is one of the clues to BUTO”. «We shall be doing exercises:

 — the walking of single-cells;
 — from water fauna to the discovery of the limbs;
 — from the walk of the four-legged to the moment when arms become arms;
 — walking on two legs, straightening of the back and man becoming man.
In silence we shall be lending attentive ear to the call of the body».

The Buto dance (“dance of darkness”) was created by Tazumi Hadzikata and Kadzuo Ono shortly after World War Two. It is based on hyper-controlled movements of the torso and even the visceral activities generated by the internal muscular system. This highly expressionistic style was developed as a reaction to the Western influences in dance. It breaks the taboo on demonstration of grotesque images through unconventional techniques. Under the influence of Kadzuo Ono and Koichi Tamano (the first disciple of Tazumi Hidzikata) Kudo engaged in the serious and professional study of the Buto dance. Today Kudo is one of the few bearers of this unique tradition.