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Theatricalized discussion

The project is organized by the festival “Territory” and a German festival “Nordwind”. It is a series of three theatricalized discussions. These are not plays, even though the discussions intend to contain elements of a show, as well as are not just regular gatherings-discussions. It’s something in between  – a genre, familiar more to a tv-audience, rather than to playgoers. “Territory” festival was always interested with cross-disciplinary projects, now the time has also come for that kind of a genre experiment.

As far as the project is Russian-German, each discussion is focused on representatives of our countries.  Only moderator is going to be the same – Konstantin Bogomolov, who has long been known not only as one of the leaders of a modern Russian stage direction, but also as a brilliant showman.

Topics of the three nights are banded with a concept which is essential for the era of globalisation – a free market. It is seen as a universal mean of a mutual exchange not only of goods, but also of ideas, emotions and world views…

The third night

The art is based on consuming new ideas – that’s how it was, how it is and how it is going to be. To what extent are the artists forced to be part of the compulsive rush toward novelty? Which language should we speak to the society about an experiment?
At which point does “the new” turn into an ordinary? 

Sergey Nevskiy is a Russian and German composer. He works with the State Berlin Opera, the Berlin Academy of Arts, the Pro Arte Foundation, the ensemble Klangforum Wien and many others. In 2012, the Bolshoi Theater premiered his opera "Francis", which received a "Special jury prize” of the "Golden Mask" and Kunstpreis Berlin. Wrote music for the play "Man-pillow" in the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov and the film "Yuryev Day" by Kirill Serebrennikov.

Stefan Kaegi is a Swiss director, one of the founders of a theater company Rimini Protocol. The project was founded in 2002 by graduates of the Faculty of Applied Teatric Studies at the University of Giessen in Germany. Rimini Protocol is a laureate of many awards, including the European Theater Award "New Theater Reality" in 2008 and the Silver Lion Venice Biennale in 2011. It is known in Moscow for the projects "Remote Moscow", "Visiting. Europe "," Cargo. Moscow ".


Age limit 18+

New Space Theatre of Nations
Страстной б-р, 12/2