The Full Moon

About performance

The large-scale multimedia performance “The Full Moon” by composer Alexi Sysoev and director Filipp Grigoryan, premiered sensationally within the framework of Sochi-2014 Cultural Olympics program last September is to be for the first time presented in Moscow.

“The Full Moon“ is a three-hour epitome of the modern avant-garde art presented by one of the rising stars of the new theatre generation director and designer Filipp Grigoryan in the form of an integrated ritual.

“An artistically integral and valuable experience of synthesizing contemporary theatre and modern music”. Kommersant

Filipp Grigoryan: „In the post-apocalyptic performance'The Full Moon' the Moon itself is presented as a human life shimmering through time and space… It is focused on something that keeps changing all the time as totally and irrevocably as the aging of a man. His whole life from birth to death passes under the Moon in front of us. He prepares a nest or a deathbed for himself accepting death as an inexorable existential ingredient of the universe. In the final scene the motionless Man is surrounded by animals who are watching him. The sky lightens and the sun rises.”

«We invited a fantastic Japanese Buto style dancer Taketera Kudo. In 2009 he took part in “The Territory” festival in Perm. In our project Kudo will perform a forty-minute solo improvisation. Artist and designer Alexander Lobanov created a thirty-three minutes video with the Moon crossing the sky and slowly changing the phases, its rising and setting. Taketera Kudo will be performing his solo dance to Sysoev's music and in concert with the Moon. The word'dance' is hardly applicable in this case. It would be more correct to call it a performance. It is simply the act of the man involved in the cycle of the nature — from birth to death».

«So the first act of our performance will be about the power of thought, the dream, the ardor of constructing and the faith that everything can be changed, men can be made happy and dream may come true. In other words, it is about the 20th century. As for the second act it will be about acceptance of the actual course of events».

Director — Filipp Grigroyan
Music — Alexi Sysoev
Conductor — Feodor Lednyov
Singer — Natalia Pshenichnikova
Dancer — Taketeru Kudo
Musician and artist — Vladimir Tarasov
Decorum and set design — Galina Solodovnikova
Artist and curator — Anton Yakhontov

Sketch “Over moons”, Philipp Grigoryan
High resolution

Sketch “Plenilune”, Philipp Grigoryan
High resolution

Sketch “Over moons”, Philipp Grigoryan
High resolution