Artistic direction

The word "territory" presupposes the presence of certain boundaries. But the festival, inviting visitors to its territory, in fact proves that in today's world there should be no borders. We like the idea of ​​a common culture, mutual intersections and additions of various genres and art forms. Not only on stage and in show-rooms of “Territory”, but also in lecture halls and auditoriums of the festival, there is a fascinating polyphony – it is a fundamental importance for the festival to remain a school that attracts students and theater youth from many cities of Russia and other countries of the world.

International program, as always, is supplemented by master classes and educational projects – participants of “Territory” have a unique chance to comprehend their place in the modern cultural context, to learn to think independently and fearlessly. Today this is the most urgent task. The program of the festival is designed so that a viewer can feel a richness and diversity of contemporary art.