Music Without Bounds. Concert Program

About performance

The Territory-2008 will present the unique music program, prepared by an artistic director of the festival — a conductor Teodor Currentzis. The concert composed of world premieres and first performances in Russia, will be presented on October 8. In the first part of it you will hear “Normal“ by Boris Filanovsky and „The Man, Who Became a Rainbow” by Anton Batagov will be performed for the first time. In the second part of the concert there will be a surprise, prepared by maestro Teodor Currentzis: four composers — Anton Safronov, Vladimir Nikolaev, Sergey Zagny, Anatoly Korolev will present their version of the final of Mozart's Requiem. Requiem will be intentionally performed in the variant that existed at the moment of death of the music's creator. The music of unfinished or missed parts is written specially for the Moscow premiere.