About performance

The Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory
Concert-panorama of Russian contemporary composers that symbolically
reconstruct the journey of Russian art over the past twenty years. The program contains two parts -1. Prologue . The nineties and 2. Marathon “20 years after . Generation Y ”. 

The concert is presented by the ensemble “Studio for New Music” - a leading Russian music group that has
been interpreting contemporary music for over 20 years.
Participants of the project :
National Centre for Contemporary Arts
Publishing house “New Literary Observer”
Publishing house “Art magazine”
“Territory” festival
“ Golden Mask ” festival
“NET: New European Theatre” festival

The Meyerhold Theare Centre
Centre for culture and art “MediaArtLab”
Centre for contemporary music affiliated to Moscow Conservatory
The Institute of Contemporary Art
The Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory (11, Bolshaya Nikitskaya)
19:00 – concert
1.      Prologue . The nineties. Beginning.
Tarnopolski Kassandra (1991)
Vustin Musik for 10 (1991)
2.      Marathon “20 Years after. Generation Y”
Nikolay Khrust Attention ! (2013)
Aleksei Sumak March ! (2013)
Vladimir Gorlinsky Ultimate granular paradise (2008)
Anna Romashkova Acorn (2013)
Alexander Khubeev The sound of the dark time   (2011)
Yelena Rykova In the state of loneliness near the wall
Performed by an ensemble of soloists “Studio for New Musik”
Conductor – Honored Artist of Russia Igor Dronov  
The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Information 8 (495) 690 5181,    
Press contacts 8-910-418-7349 Vera Serebriakova