The Stone

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Theatre of Nations
Direction – Set — Philip Grigoryan 


  • 22/08/2013 —


  • Direction — 998
  • Costumes — 4688
  • Author — 999


The premiere of Philip Grigoryan’s The Stone based on the play by contemporary German playwright Marius von Mayenburg. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, three women, a grandmother, a mother and a granddaughter return to the house, which had belonged to them before a forced departure to West Germany. The house, whose purchase once saved a Jewish family, remembers the grandfather who had welcomed the liberation from the Nazis. It seems that the order has been restored, both in the lives of the family and the country. But the grandmother suffers from nightmares, the granddaughter instinctively wants to leave, and the mother’s persistence to glorify her father awakens memories that put under question the veracity of the family legend.

There are five similar spaces on stage representing the same house at different moments in history. The dialogues of one time echo in another.

At an age when political systems are changing as often as the generations, when yesterday's hero turns into a pariah the day after, what truth can be considered the only one? Can the crimes of the past be disowned, can the private be separated from the public? Philip Grigoryan’s The Stone is about guilt and buried secrets, memory and oblivion, a painful but necessary revision of history.