Man in a Room

About performance

Tero Saarinen is bringing his most famous productions Hunt and Man in a Room to the Territory festival.

Hunt is a show based on The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. What's unique about this staging is that one dancer, who happens to be the choreographer — Tero Saarinen, performs the Stravinsky ballet. He says, “I decided to name the piece Hunt, because I think everyone is hunted by the mass media these days. I wanted to express the feeling of being a victim or sacrifice to the media. But along with that, I'm very interested in the new media, and I want to be part of this world“.

Unique are the costumes-screens that the dancer wears, with images projected upon them. Not to mention Saarinen's inimitable „fine Japanese” style, which combined classical ballet choreography with Butoh, and contemporary dance.