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Director Ruslan Malikov, playwriter Marina Krapivina and designer Ekaterina Dzhagarova – authors of the documental theatrical piece “Easy to give up” about coping with drug addiction –prepare a sketch of the project “Touchables”. “Touchables” is a story about people who learn the information from the wind power and air humidity, from people’s hands and faces, from every touch. These people do not see or hear, but they can use things that others often oversee due to the powerful information stream. Maybe thanks to “secret” touches we’ll learn to build new ways of communication and understand each other better. A coproduction of the State Theatre of Nations and the Deaf-blind Foundation will be based on true stories of children from an orphan home in Sergiyev Posad for the blind-death and and those who attend educational-rehabilitation centre “The Home of the blind-deaf” in Puchkovo village in Troitsk area.


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Theatre Director RuslanMalikov, playwright Marina Krapivina and stage designer Ekaterina Jagarova -creators of the documentary performance ‘It’s Easy to Quit’ have taken on a new social project. This performance will bring to the stage deaf-blind people and will explore their way of interacting with the world and social adaptation. The full version of this project will take place in March 2015 on the Theatre of Nations stage. During the festival, the audience will see the conceptual version of this performance with a help of YevgenyMironov and other Russian film and theatre stars.