Rehearsal of Freedom

About performance

A joint project by the TERRITORY International Festival and School of Contemporary Performing Arts and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art


  • Author — 2011


Andrew Parshikov, curator, says about the exhibition by Ksenia Peretrukhina that "this is a project about theatre, and it does not matter whether contemporary theatre or not. It is about theatre, which is still, or again, just seen and perceivedby the audienceof today. How the audience perceives it, and what mechanisms stay behind this. What is the easiest way to analyse these mechanisms and put questions to the theatre, starting from the simplest things, and what stereotypes stay in our way when trying to approach theatre critically and make it truly up-to-date. And it is a project on the public as well, on how it is getting formed by the theatre, how the audience can start a dialogue with it, and which opportunities theatre offers, so that the audience can share theatre experience with people who make theatre."