Film: Searchers <nobr>2.0 </nobr>(directed by Alex Cox)

About performance

The film is shown within the framework of the European Movie Stars' Master Classes

AKA Justice! Gas! Revenge!

USA, 2007

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Alex Cox

Cast: Del Zamora, Ed Pansullo, Sy Richardson, Jaclyn Jonet, Zahn McClarnon, Cy Carter, Roger Corman, Brandon Carlos

Mel and Fred are two actors who spent their careers in American westerns. When they discover that legendary screenwriter Fritz Frobisher is appearing at a special screening in Monument Valley, they decide to take a road trip from Los Angeles to this legendary site of John Ford's westerns. Theis purpose is to seek revenge on the eighty-six year old Frobisher for mistreating them on the filmset of the immortal oater, Buffalo Bill vs. Doc Holliday. But before they can hit the road, they must convince Mel's beautiful daughter, Delilah, to come with them and provide her car. Ultimately, the fate of everyone depends on their knowledge of the maestro, Sergio Leone.

Alex Cox's film is a hilarious satire of American culture, cars, movies, militarism and the MPAA.