Transports Exceptionenels — Beau Geste (France)

About performance

Photo — Thierry Jourdain

With Support of French Embassy in Russia French Institute in Moscow
October 14, 2012; 04:00 p.m. and 06:00 p.m.
the production of “Beau Geste“ Company of France
„Transports Exceptionenels”

The dancer/excavator duet shown in over forty countries is for the first time coming to Russia.

Visitors to the Gorky Park will see an amazing outdoor choreographic performance in which the male ballet dancer and the huge earth-moving machine appear as counterparts in a dance. To the accompaniment of music the man and the machine engage in a tight interaction that keeps the audience intensively focused on the performance from the beginning to the very end.

Director and choreographer Dominique Boivin created a vibrant twenty-minute poetic metaphor about the changeability of the world that is the venue of the eternal dialogue between THE TWO. Using choreographic and mechanical instruments Boivin creates the universal space of continual metamorphoses: a child and a toy, a human being and a machine, a beauty and a beast, Romeo and Juliet. By juxtaposing flesh and metal the choreographer shows how easily and imperceptibly coarseness can transform into tenderness; how the lifeless suddenly becomes full of life.

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