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With support of Latvian Republic Embassy in the Russian Federation

Latvian National Theatre's production of “Woyzeck“

At Latvian National Theatre Kirill Serebrennikov staged the famous play about „the little” man the twenty-four-years-old Georg Büchner wrote almost 200 years ago. “Woyzeck” was premiered in Riga this April and it will be the first time it will be seen by the Moscow audience. Instead of the mid-19th century army milieu the action in Serebrennikov's production is set in a modern arts gallery. Woyzeck is an unskilled laborer who becomes subject to an experiment aimed to reveal the limit of human potentials. This one-act show performed to the psychedelic music by performer and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Nimanis is experimental in form and polyphonic in content. Serebrennikov: «Our production is a reflection on the nature of the modern man, on what he is and what he may become. Büchner's play is focused precisely on this. He continually asks himself the question of what is a man? Is he ashes and dust, an animal, a nonentity or a truly godlike being?» (“Chas Daily”, Latvia).

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