Tenir Le Temps

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“Ballet Moscow” Theatre/ Rachid Ouramdane

Moscow, Russia


  • 11/09/2015 —
  • 28/09/2015 —
  • 28/09/2015 —
  • 14/10/2015 —



World premiere — July 1st 2015 at Festival Montpellier Danse
Russian premiere — October 5th 2015 at TERRITORY Festival
Running time — 45 minutes

A new work by French choreographer Rachid Ouramdane and the “Ballet Moscow” Theatre is dedicated to the dualistic nature of time. The time is also the flow that takes you beyond the horizon. The time is the moment that splits eternity into pieces. The choreographer deals with the efforts to hold the time from running, the efforts to capture the moment in the subtle flow of live. The performance is build from rhythmical repeating movements both musical and graphical.