Workshop of Taketeru Kudoh

About performance

The creators of modern art tend to think the human being has been evolved. It is not true. Human body has not changed so much as it was in premitive era. Some of the senses or organs have regressed on the contrary. We, researchers of the body have to be conscious about the physical memories we have deep inside the selves.

What is the activity of dancing? (Lots of people see it from social reasons.) We try find it in more original meaning. How much are we influenced by the life after the birth, and how much by before the birth.

 — From the origin, an unicecullar animal like amoeba. Until it takes shape of the creature in the water, fish.
 — How we find the hands and feet. Walk of a quadruped animal.
 — How we start to use hands, walk by the feet. From the apes to man. Why do our spine get straight?
 — The death. Can the imagination reach to the inorganic materials, stones, water, or air?
In this workshop, We search for the place where the imagination is born.