European Movie Stars' Master Classes: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup (Denmark)

About performance

Born 1963 in Denmark. Trained as an actor under the supervision of Galina Brenaa 1983-87, and afterwards performed for radio, television and film. Graduated in scriptwriting at the National Film School of Denmark, 1995. Bostrup's feature film debut, Anja & Viktor (2001), and the sequel Anja After Viktor (2003) were hits at the domestic box office. Her fourth feature film Lost Generation (2004), based on a bestselling Danish novel from the seventies, is a period drama about the decline of a family during the years 1954-1974.

Filmography: Anja & Viktor (2001), Cinder Rock'n Rella (2003), Anja after Viktor (2003), Lost Generation (2004), Girls' Talk (2005), Karla's Game (2007).

The master-class is organized by the European Commission Delegation to Russia.