Stefan Kaegi (*1972, Switzerland) studied visual arts in Zurich and drama/theatre/media at the University of Giessen, Germany. In Argentina, Brazil, Graz and Poland he worked with local performers in urban contexts, producing motor cycle tours, chasing channels, pet ceremonies or bus trips.
His mini train world “Mnemopark” was awarded with the prize of the jury at “Festival Politik im freien Theater”. Since 2006 his mobile audiance room „Cargo Sofia“ – a truck with two Bulgarian drivers – is touring all over Europe. In 2009 he created “Radio Muezzin” with 4 Egyptians muezzins, their calls for prayer on stage and a radio technician.

Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel joined forces in 2000 in Frankfurt and work together (in various combinations) under the name of Rimini Protokoll. Since then they directed documentary pieces like „Shooting Bourbaki“ with 14year-old-boys confronted with fire-weapon in Lucerne. For Schauspielhaus Hamburg they let a crew of funeral masters, graveyard musicians, surgery students and gravestone producers perform „Deadline“. The piece got invited to Theatertreffen in 2004. In Hanover they let the audience watch the city as a theatre piece through binoculars – „Sonde Hannover“ (Festival Theaterformern). For the festival “Theater der Welt” 2002 they copied a whole 18-hours-session of “Bundestag” live with 200 citizens of the ex-capital Bonn: „Deutschland 2“.

In 2004 Rimini Protokoll created “Sabenation” for the Kunsten Festival in Brussels and „Schwarzenbergplatz“ for Burgtheater Vienna. For “Call Cutta” they founded a Call Centre in Kolkata to remote-controll audiences through Berlin by mobile phones. In Schauspielhaus Zürich Rimini Protokoll united specialists on hearttransplantation and speedflirting for “Blaiberg and sweetheart19”, and they reconstructed the “Uraufführung: Besuch der alten Dame”. In Berlin Rimini Protokoll gathered 100 Berliners on the stage of Hebbel Theatre and turned the annual share-holders-meeting of Daimler AG in the Berlin Congress Centre into a theatrical ready-made by fascilitating the access to the event for 200 theatre-goers by means of stock-transactions. (

Last November, Haug, Kaegi and Wetzel were awarded the German DER FAUST prize for theatre and in April 2008 they gained the European Theatre Prize in Thessaloniki in the cateory New Realities. In 2009 Stefan Kaegi was awarded with the „Routes Award“ by the European Culture Foundation.

In 2007 Kaegi startet colaborating with argentian writer and theatre-director Lola Arias in São Paulo (, Munich and Berlin staging brazilian police-officers and their biographies in living museums. In 2008 “Airport Kids” followed – a play with 6- to 13-year-old global nomads from Lausanne, touring to Avignon and 12 more cities all over Europe.