Jens Dietrich studied applied theatre studies in Giessen under the director and composer Heiner Goebbels. During and after his studies he worked at Richard Foreman's Ontological Theater in New York and at the Bühnen der Stadt Köln and the Theater Freiburg. Since 2004 he’s a freelance dramaturge and curator for theatre in various international productions. 2009 he joined the International Institute of Political Murder and worked as a dramaturge and producer of the productions “The Last Hour of Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu”, the „Moscow Trials“ and “Hate Radio” that toured world-wide. In 2014 / 2015 he was working on „Political Bodies“, a piece about the youth movement „Y’en a marre“ in Senegal. Since 2015 he’s been curating the performing arts section of the Russian focus of the Nordwind Festival and currently works with Yolanda Gutiérrez and Dorcy Rugamba on the connection of tradition and Afrofuturism in Rwanda.