Born in 1976, in 1998 graduated from the B. Shchukin Theatre School, to be immediately admitted to the E. Vakhtangov

Theatre’s company. He abandoned his acting career in 2001 to dedicate himself to the development of futuristic interdisciplinary

projects. Inspired by the idea of space harmonization, along with his allies he has created a series of projects that culminated in

The Line (subway stops voice announcements by renowned actors). At the same time he continues to make theatre as the teacher

of acting at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (RATI) and The Shchukin Theatre School. In 2009 The Third Watch staged at

the J. Beuys Theatre hit the Russian Case program of the Golden Mask, Russia's biggest theatre festival. Philip Grigoryan is also

the winner of the ‘Texture 2010’ prize for The Chukchi (Stsena – Molot Theatre, Perm) and director and set designer of The Full

Moon multimedia performance awarded a Golden Mask in 2013 at the ‘Experiment’ nomination. Generally takes credits for his

projects as both stage director and set designer.