Workshop in performatory practicians

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Alexandr Andriyashkin's master class

Within this master class Alexander will mention several basic principles, tools and concepts which can be carried to the field performatory the practician.

Alexandr Andriyashkin: 
"We will work with "simple" tasks and exercises that at the corporal level to observe ourselves concerning basic concepts - partnership, communication, interaction in group, presence, etc. Despite theorizing, in practice the most part of a lesson will be devoted to practice and a reality. The body is a good and exact marker. Having traced something, or gaining skill in a body, we automatically influence our installations, processes, reactions and superstructures"

The class doesn't demand special technical training and can be interesting as dancers, actors, artists of related subjects, and just interested people ready to walk, stand, invest the attention and interest in actions. 

Alexandr Andriyashkin is a director, the choreographer, the teacher. Conducts classes on contemporary at Tsekh school and classes in a performance at Moscow Art Theatre School studio.