The near city

About performance

Kirill Serebrennikov returns to the National Theater with a new offer - to create one contemporary drama work after three classical works. He has chosen his absurd comedy "The Near City", a popular Lithuanian well-known Lithuanian playwright Marius Ivaskevicius, who plays the topic of family relationships. 

Thirty-year-olds Ivo and Annika love each other, but family life routines, work and three children do theirs, and Ivo disappears from home almost every weekend to get along with friends and look at their lives from the outside - from the other side of the Baltic Sea. When Annika finally flutters, she goes to the other side to look at what Ivo sees, and life goes down in the air ... 
The story of the moment when we allow our secret dreams to come out of subconsciousness and they take power over the rational, useful life of everyday life.

Supported by found of Petr Aven “Paaudze” 
The performance goes on the Latvian language with russian subtitlings

Duration – 2:50
with one interval

Age limit 18+

Premiere was March 4, 2017. 

Supported with 

Thanks a lot to company

st. metro Kyrskaya, Chkalovskaya / ул. Казакова, 8

Photos © Kristaps Kalns




  • Director, set designer, costume designer — Kirill Serebrennikov
  • Playwright — Marius Ivaškevičs
  • Choreography — Evgeniy Kylagin
  • Composer — Jacob Niemann
  • Light designer — Oskars Paulins
  • Producer and assistant of costume designer — Ilona Matvejeva
  • Make-up artist — Ivanda Shmidte and Liva Dreshere
  • Operator — Tomas Zelgis


  • Marija Berzina
  • Maija Doveika
  • Dita Lurin
  • Jānis Āmanis
  • Gundars Grasbergs
  • Arturs Krūzekops
  • Romāns Bargais
  • Kārlis Reijers
  • Kaspars Zvigulis