Man the Size of a House / Exhibition in memory of Dmitry Brusnikin

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Free admission

October—November 2019

Dmitriy Brusnikin (1957–2018) was one of the key figures in contemporary Russian theatre: an actor, teacher, director and the founder of Dmitriy Brusnikin Studio—a theatre that grew out of a course at Moscow Art Theatre School. An irreplaceable loss for many,  Brusnikin passed away months after his appointment as the art director of Praktika Theatre in Moscow.

Territory Festival and School of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and Dmitriy Brusnikin Studio present Man the Size of a House—a special exhibition project in memory of the director taking place at MMOMA Education Centre and curated by Ksenia Peretrukhina.

The exhibition will open in October 2019 to coincide with the new season of Territory Festival and School of Contemporary Art, and close on November 17—the day Dmitry Brusnikin was born. The project is also included on the program of the first Brusnikin Documentary Theatre Festival organised by Praktika Theatre and Brusnikin Studio in memory of the late director.

A Man Size of a House offers an insight into the world of Dmitrin Brusnikin and an opportunity to see the director through the eyes of his family, friends and colleagues. Occupying several floors of the MMOMA Education Center, the exhibition explores the director’s life, dreams and projects.

Photo: Denis Klebleev.