Fase. Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich

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Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich

One of the leading choreographers of our century, Anna Theresa De Keersmaeker created «Fase. Four movements to the music of Steve Reich» in 1982, however, it still is considered to be exemplary. Consecutive and minimalistic Piano Phase, Come Out, Violin Phase and Clapping Music compose a truly impeccable piece. A comprehensive approach to movement, space and light inclusion, flawless dramaturgy, a thorough study of how dance and music interact – this is only a few of the reasons why this piece is legendary for all who loves contemporary dance.

Fase comprises three duets and one solo, choreographed to four repetitive compositions by the American minimalist Steve Reich. De Keersmaeker uses the structure of Reich’s music to develop an independent movement idiom that doesn’t merely illustrate the music but also adds a new dimension to it. Both the music and the dance start from the principle of phase shifting through tiny variations: movements that are initially perfectly synchronous gradually start slipping and sliding, resulting in an ingenious play of continuously changing forms and patterns.

Duration 1:10
without interval

Age limit 12+

The Theatre of Nations / main stage
st. metro Chehovskaya, Петровский пер., 3

World Premiere - 18.03.1982 Beursschouwburg (Brussels)

Production 1982 Schaamte vzw (Brussels), Avila vzw (Brussels)

Coproduction ‘early works’ Sadler's Wells (London), Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg 

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Photos © Anne Van Aerschot



  • Choreography — Anna Tereza de Keersmaeker
  • Created with — Michèle Anne De Mey, Jennifer Everhard
  • Light design — Remon Fromont, Mark Schwentner
  • Costumes — Martine André, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
  • Artistic coordination and planning — Anne Van Aerschot
  • Technical Management — Joris Erven
  • Technicians — Michael Smets, Gabel Eiben