Home Visit Europe

  • 21/09/19-28/09/19
    Citizen’s apartments

About performance

Rimini Protokoll

Age suitability: 18+
Duration: 120 min

Immersive performance-quest. 

A brand new project realized by one of the most prominent theatre companies in the world. Rimini Protokoll are famous for clashing private with political, social with the intimate. Their project Remote Moscow invited members of the audience to get to know the city in a totally different way – through tiny lanes and side alleys, little shops, cemeteries and parking spaces. Their new project Home Visit Europe once again offers the audience to become both participants and performers at the same time. Any most ordinary Moscow apartment can become a set for this performance – the audience members will go and visit the hosts and as their guests will discuss geopolitics, immigration issues, as well as their own salary. It is all just the way it always is when people invite each other for a dinner and a catch up. Amongst our hosts there will be some most ordinary people living in Moscow, but also celebrated actors, theatre directors and art directors of the Territory Festival – Chulpan Khamatova and Roman Dolzhansky.

German Theatre Company, run by Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel and Helgard Haug. All three studied at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies of the University of Giessen. Since 2002 all projects they made belong to the Rimini Protokoll Company. Every year they participate in the best world theatre festivals. Rimini Protokoll have twice received the main national theatre award in Germany - Faust, as well as one of the biggest European prizes New Theatre Reality. They have also been awarded the Silver Lion at the International Biennale of Performing Arts in Venice. In 2010 Territory Festival presented their show Karl Marx: Capital, Volume One.

As a part of the project “Home visit. Europe” they offer the audience to be both spectators and participants again. An ordinary krasnoyarsk flat will become a prop for the play, and spectators-participants will have to talk about what they would want to change in their lives, what their dream occupation would be and how much they would like to be earning, discuss geopolitics and the issue of immigration, just like it usually happens during a house party. Rimini Protokoll is one of the rare theater groups whose projects unite people, create a public. A public of thinking, compassionate, responsible and welcoming citizens.

“In other words, during the game a small European Union is created around the table, where you can feel yourself a country or its representative, join a coalition, express your views, vote for a treaty. A great space for improvisations opens up to you”


“When asking questions about beliefs and preferences, routine chores and pleasant memories that are connected to a place on the map, authors create a play about each participant - strangers to each other, who were seated at the negotiating table. That is how without any actors, light, changes of clothes and a curtain real theater is created, where on a piece of sweet dough fundamentals of democracy are being explained. And the majority of the participants, at least of our meeting, believe it”

-The Village

“You won’t be able to find any actors here. Instead of them there is a cunningly arranged apparatus, which, from time to time, asks the kind of questions that even friends wouldn’t, and a group of people sitting around the table. In the next two hours they will learn much not only about others, but also about themselves”

Ъ - Lifestyle

Russian version of the play was created in cooperation with the TERRITORIЯ festival and was presented in the 2016 program.

During 2016/2017 theater season the play was performed in Moscow multiple times, participated in Summer art festival “The Access Point” in Saint-Petersburg and in the project TERRITORIЯ OF YELTSIN CENTER in Ekaterinburg.



  • Stefan Kaegi
  • Хельгард Хауг
  • Даниэль Ветцель
  • Concept / Script / Direction — Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel
  • Dramaturgy — Katja Hagedorn
  • Interaction Design — Hans Leser, Grit Schuster, Mirko Dietrich
  • Assistance Interaction Design — Philipp Arnold
  • Setting — Belle Santos
  • Assistance Settin — Ran Chai Bar-zvi
  • Production Management — Anna Florin
  • Technical Direction — Sven Nichterlein
  • Master of Ceremony Tour — Anton Rose
  • Technical Support Tour — Claes Schwennen, Hans Leser, Sven Nichterlein
  • Website Editorial — Anton Rose