Medea / Simon Stone

About performance

Duration: 80 minutes

On 13 December 2014 Medea premiered in Amsterdam. Simon Stone made a radical adaptation of Euripides’s Greek tragedy about revenge. He turned it into a contemporary play, inspired by the true story of an American doctor who set fire to her own house after a difficult divorce in 1995, killing two of her children. Marieke Heebink won the Theo d’Or for her portrayal of the main character. The play was selected for the National Dutch Theatre Festival in 2015.

«Passionate, humble, capricious, bewildered, sincere. And throughout, her eyes glimmer with the despair that compels her to take fatal actions. Heartbreaking».
Trouw ****

«Heebink and Greidanus excel in their performance. Her hopeful gaze and timid, accommodating smile when they meet are magnificent. The delicate moments of restoring the family’s happiness are moving and harrowing. And the endearing trust with which the children welcome their mother back is heartbreaking and chilling».
NRC ****

«This is a Medea you will remember».
 The Telegraf *****

«This Medea provides a look inside an average family during their darkest days. The design is simple, plain and effective. Marieke Heebink plays an incomparably subtle, frenzied Medea, who could easily have been your neighbor».
Jury Theater Festival



  • After — Euripides
  • Written & directed — Simone Stone
  • Translation — Vera Hoogstad, Peter van Kraaij
  • Dramaturgy — Peter van Kraaij
  • Scenography — Bob Cousins
  • Light design — Bernie van Velzen
  • Sound — Stefan Gregory
  • Costumes — An D’Huys
  • Private producer — Joost and Marcelle Kuiper


  • Anna — Marieke Heebink
  • Lucas — Leon Voorberg
  • Clara — Eva Heijnen
  • Christopher — Bart Slegers
  • Herbert — Alexander Elmecky
  • Marie-Louise — Evgenia Brendes
  • Gijs — Titus Theunissen
  • Edgar — Sonny Coops van Utteren