My body of coming forth by day

About performance

Olivier Dubois company (France) in association with BreakingWalls festival / Caire

Age suitability: 18+
Duration: 60 min

Tonight, tonight, tonight ...
My body of coming forth by day ... 
My body as the book of the Dead!
My body as a long memory and a long sorrow of art.

I hold inside of me thousands of movements, gestures, positions, intentions, feelings ... liters of sweat, of bleeding, hundreds of wounds, scars, a pack of joy, and pain.

But what is left of all of that? What do I remember ? Where the memory of my body can lead me? Which part of my story as a performer can tell about history of art? Yes, history of performing art is composed by millions of bodies stories.

Could we even consider ourselves, I mean performers, as an art piece by the simple fact that our bodies hold the flesh of performing art and for instance dance?
And if so, how much would you value this? A fully dedication to art... Should I consider myself as an art piece and even more as a monstrous masterpiece?

We won’t answer those questions now, but we will try together to make a new step... A step through a dissection of my body as a souvenir, as a loud speaker of the loss of myself for art.

 I propose a game, could be seen as a trial, a peeping time, a cut inside of me. Are you ready?
So, let’s start playing!

Olivier Dubois

Olivier Dubois is one of the most radical contemporary choreographers, famous for his performances for the Monte Carlo Ballet, the Operas of Lille, Nantes and the Marseille National Ballet. Dubois investigates the potentialities of the body to present it as a work of art, which magnifies its own erasure in the name of dance practice. “My body of coming forth by day” is an intimate solo exploring the hidden corners of the body’s memory.

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  • Staged and performed by — Olivier Dubois
  • Technical specialist — Francois Caffenne