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About performance

Matias Umpierrez studio

Age suitability: 18+
Duration: 47 min
Venue: MMOMA
Address: Gogolevsky boulevard, 10

The work of artist Matías Umpierrez looks into the contemporary modes of the bonds between spectator and fiction. In this framework, his projects move around the borders that exist between performing arts, visual arts, and cinema, activating the dialectic among audience, stage, speech, scene and territory.

His Museum of Fiction proposes a dialogue regarding the shift that dramatic action can provoke in a museum-collection-conservation-exhibition-time system. By challenging fiction’s temporal-spatial limits, it tries to find a possible “museumification”, or a unique way to keep the dramatic construction for the present and future collective memory. At the same time, it frees the spectator from their traditional passivity in order to redirect them to a founding role in the creation of dramatic action.

The first piece of Museum, Empire, is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. This version, which takes place in post-dictatorship, nineties Spain, reveals fiction as political and social mediation tool, creating a mix between entertainment industry, the current mechanisms of power, and the rage caused by the clash between tradition and globalization. 

The piece EMPIRE is starring, in the main role of Macbeth, by the actress Angela Molina and her husband in fiction is the renowned Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage that play the original role of Lady Macbeth. The cast includes actors and actresses icons of Ibero-American cinema and theater such as Elena Anaya, Chema Tena, Ana Torrent, Adolfo Fernandez, Javier Pereira, Tessa Andonegui, Javier Tolosa, Bore Buika, among others. 

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  • Visual Design, Script and Director — Matías Umpierrez
  • Cinematography — Javier Cortes
  • Executive Producer — Matías Umpierrez
  • Line Producer — Mariano Piñeiro
  • Production Manager — Daniela Girod
  • Music — Rafael Sucheras
  • Art Director — Matías Umpierrez
  • Art Coordinator — Laura Lostalé
  • Costume Director — Anais Ibañez, Paola Barrachina Doñate
  • Post production Director — Israel Almendro
  • Technical coordination of the Exhibition — Gustavo Valera / Ultra-Lab


  • Ángela Molina
  • Robert Lepage
  • Elena Anaya
  • Chema Tena
  • Adolfo Fernández
  • Ana Torrent
  • Tessa Andonegui
  • Javier Pereira
  • Javier Tolosa
  • Astrid Jones
  • Boré Buika
  • Alfonso Bassave
  • Tony Lam
  • Ziyi Yan
  • Olalla Hernández
  • Noa Sanchez Jiménez


October 14 — 24

Time schedule:
12 pm — 1.30 pm
1.30 pm — 3 pm
3 pm — 4.30 pm
4.30 pm — 6 pm
6 pm — 7.30 pm
7.30 pm — 9 pm

The museum is open from 12 pm to 9 pm