“Our everything… Akhmatova. The witness". One-man show

  • 27/09/19
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About performance

The author of the literary composition and performer: Dmitry Serdyuk.


“Our Everything…” is a series of performances in the Theatre of Nations about the life and creative work of famous writers and poets. Actor Dmitry Serdyuk, who became well-known for his roles in such productions of the Theatre of Nations as The Taming of the Schrew and Puskin’s Tales, presents in the frame of this series a one-man show dedicated to Anna Akhmatova. The performer acts as a Witness, an outside observer of the poet’s life and creative endeavours. They say that literary secretaries helped Akhmatova in her work, and the Witness is a generalized character of all her assistants. The piece is composed of early poems written by Akmatova in her childhood, her most famous poems, fragments from Requiem and autobiographic texts.


The performance will be followed by a discussion with the audience.


Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes without an interval