Sideways rain / Guilherme Botelho

  • 14/10/19
    Mossovet State Academic Theatre
  • 15/10/19
    Mossovet State Academic Theatre

About performance

Duration: 60 minutes

Russian Premiere

"Art is anti-destiny." André Malraux

"A dazzling, hypnotic dance performance». Libération 2016

With Sideways Rain, Guilherme Botelho takes us on a journey of anonymous characters walking, running, falling, getting up, stopping and starting again as if on the tracks of a Darwinian cycle which seems destined to repeat itself infinitely and inevitably.

An ode to life, to its brute force, its infinite energy and the enigmatic laws that rule the world. The choreography makes us spectators of the birth of the universe, of its forward march, its decline and its possible rebirth.  This strange cycle of life and death is escorted by the light: bodies coming out of the shadows are projected into a blaze and end up in a crepuscular atmosphere.


  • Choreography — Guilherme Botelho
  • Scenography — Guilherme Botelho, Stefanie Liniger, Gilles Lambert
  • Lights — Jean-Philippe Roy
  • Original music — Murcof
  • Costumes — Marion Schmid after Julia Hansen
  • Technical Manager — Alexandre Kurth