An evening of solo works / choreographer and performer Meg Stuart

About performance

In her solo works, acclaimed American dancer and choreographer Meg Stuart explores her own body as a living archive. Our bodies do not only remember our thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations, but they also store our unconscious desires. As she assumes an outsider’s perspective on her own body and skilfully directs its movements, Meg Stuart’s body itself seems to get out of her control. 
Over the past few years Stuart has created several works devoted to body memory. An evening of solo works presents a selection of fragments of earlier performances based on improvisation and careful studies of the abilities of our bodies: an emotionally versatile, erratic dance, which is at times dramatic, and at times tender — reflecting the wide spectrum of experiences we can have in our daily life. 

“How to translate sensations and inner monologues into movement? Is it possible to track the hesitation before speaking, the movements not chosen, the spaces we travel to when we are daydreaming, the memories and projections that cloud our awareness of the present?” 
Meg Stuart