Close Both of My Eyes / Director and choreographer Anna Abalikhina, playwright Ilya Kukharenko

About performance

Liederabend / Contemporary dance

The work combines chamber vocal art and contemporary dance technologies. That production is one of the first attempts in Russia to synchronize creative process with the significant worldwide trend to invite famous contemporary dance choreographers to do the opera as directors. One of the main goals of the project was to overcome genre borders and to eliminate the distance between those who sing and stay still and those who move and keep silence on the stage. Chamber vocal works of the composers of XIX and XX century used in a play are becoming phrases in a polyphonic conversation about intimacy.

Music: Berg, Webern, Duparc, Mahler, Purcell, Poulenc, Ravel, Schubert


  • International festival-school of contemporary art “Territory”;

  • Perm opera and ballet theatre;

  • Sibur holding.


“When Schubert is playing (“Gretchen am Spinnrade”, the lonely song of Faust’s Margarete over the spinning wheel), soprano Natalia Kirillova walks through the corridor of lined up dancers and singers, peering into people’s faces — no, not the one, not the one that the heroinewants to kiss and die. And suddenly she rises into the air in the arms of dancers: her arms are spread out like on the crucifix, her pose expressingboth torment and triumph. And immediately crashes from that height to the floor — in such a way that one begins to truly fear for both the actress and the heroine”.

It isn’t scary to be Human, ITI INFO №4 (45) 2018




  • Choreography — Anna Abalikhina
  • Playwright — Ilya Kukharenko
  • Sound design — Alexey Nadzharov
  • Sound engineer — Marat Bariev
  • Lighting design — Igor Tsinn
  • Costume Designer — Egor Galinov
  • Lighting designer — Igor Zinn


  • Soloists of Perm opera Natalia Buklaga, Sergey Godin, Konstantin Suchkov
  • Invited performers: Lera Veretennikova, Alexey Karaulov, Vladimir Kiryanov, Lena Konina, Maria Polscha, Laura Khasanshina
  • Piano — Kristina Basyul