I am siting in the room

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Alvin Lucier  "I Am Siting in the Room"

Created by Dmitry Volkostrelov and Dmitry Vlasik

Theatre Post with the support of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation presents the premiere of the first Russian staging of the one of the key pieces of musical avant-garde – «I am sitting in a room» by Alvin Lucier. A new production gives its audience a unique opportunity to be not only a viewer, but an active participant, a co-creator of the show. According to Alvin Luciers original idea, all one needs to play his piece is two tape-recorders, a microphone, an amplifier, speakers and a space, “the musical properties of which the performers would want to bring to life”.

Duration – 1:20

Age limit 16+

New Space Theatre of Nations
Страстной б-р, 12/2

Photos © Anastasia Blur

Supported by Mikhail Prohorov Fund




  • Ivan Nikolaev
  • Alena Starostina