Lecture by Maria Shevtsova

About performance

In November 2019 Cambridge University Press will publish Rediscovering Stanislavsky by Maria Shevtsova. Shevtsova, whose previous studies were focused on contemporary European directors, will speak about Stanislavsky’s influence on contemporary theatre, drawing on works produced over the past 30 years. She will discuss Stanislavsky’s understanding of creative confidence, actors’ individuality, ensemble work and improvisation, his laboratory research, his innovative approach and the echo of his ideas in today’s practices. She will discuss works by directors like Peter Brook, Peter Sellars, Thomas Ostermeier, Katie Mitchell, Simon Stone and Oskaras Koršunovas among others.

Maria Shevtsova is a theatre historian and teacher, Professor of Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. She has published over 150 articles and several books, including Sociology of Theatre and Performance (2009), which sums up thirty years of her research in the field, as well as Robert Wilson (2014) and Dodin and the Maly Drama Theatre (2016), which have been translated into Russian. Her works have been translated into thirteen languages. She has been an expert at several international theatre festivals and was the jury president at Belgrade International Theatre Festival in 2017.