Master class by Alexander Andriyashkin

About performance

Alexander Adriyashkin’s master class will be focused on performative practices — the ideas behind them as well as the tools that performers can use. What happens at the moment a group of people gathered in one space decide to separate into performers on the one hand and spectators on the other? What happens before the roles, the story, the stage design? Using simple examples an tasks, Alexander Adriyashkin will show how this moment can be experienced through the body and by performers watching themselves. During the three-hour master class he will explain the basics of performative practice.   

Alexander Adriyashkin is a movement artist and choreographer who has been working in contemporary dance and performance since 1998. He works independently and collaborates with Brusnikin Studio, Mayakovsky Theatre, Pushkin Theatre, Sovremennik, Teatr.Doc and Stanislavsky Electrotheatre as an invited choreographer. In 2009, he launched MERA, a project to promote his vision of the theatre of movement. Adriyashkin’s work is focused on finding a balance between skill, research, high quality and simplicity. In 2017 he received a Golden Mask for his performance The Marusya produced in collaboration with Dialog Dance. He teaches contemporary dance at TSEKH and performance at Moscow Art Theatre School, and takes part in other education projects and workshops in Russia and abroad.