Workshop Guillerme Bothelo

About performance

During his improvisation master class, choreographer Guilherme Botelho will speak about new ideas and techniques in improvisation with a focus on embodied experience and emotion. How does and actor or performer concentrate on his or her own experience without getting distracted? The workshop focuses on working from the interpreter body, emotions and mind, trying to stay close to what one's experience rather than outside stimulus.

Guilherme Botelho is a Brazilian choreographer born in Switzerland. He started his dance career in São Paulo and was later hired by the Grand Théâtre in Geneva. In 1994 he founded his dance company Alias, which has by today produced over 25 performances. Alias is a regular participant of festivals in Paris, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Krakow, Beirut and Kaunas (Lithuania). Investigating reality in a provocative way through his dynamic, vibrant choreography, Botelho is a keen observer of the paradoxes of the daily life and the tensions that dwell in social relations.