Master class by Konstantin Keykhel

About performance

Konstantin Keykhel’s master-class will consist of four parts. During the warm-up participants will focus on breathing and working with the core to carefully prepare the body for the main practice. The second part will look into the basic principles of working with one’s own body as well as with a partner. The third part will be devoted to working with space and cross-trainings. During the fourth and final part, participants will be given tasks to train their memory and imagination, work with particular dance elements and improvise. 

Konstantin Keykhel is a choreographer, teacher and dancer. He studied at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet and started his career as a dancer at Provincial Dance Theatre in Yekaterinburg. He has staged around 70 works, including miniatures, ballets in one and two acts, dramatic and experimental productions on the best stages in Russia and abroad. He has received many Russian and international dance awards, including at IFMS (Vitebsk), Grigorovich National Ballet and Choreography Contest, as well as STD Russia Prize and CID UNESCO. He is a regular participant of Context: Diana Vishneva Festival; his latest production premiered at the festival in March 2019 in Tel Aviv and London.