Master class by Nicola Monaco

About performance

Nicola Monaco will start his choreography workshop with a simple warm-up used in Akram Khan Company, and then through a selection of exercises and tasks explain how participants can focus on rhythm, speed, beat and silence in order to better control their bodies and discover their creative potential. He will teach them a fragment from Akram Khan’s performance. 

Nicola Monaco is rehearsal director in Akram Khan Company. He started his training in dance at the age of nineteen in Italy. From 2003 to 2008 he worked for the award-winning Dutch dance company Emio Greco/PC. In 2009 he moved to London where he collaborated with choreographers such as Akram Khan, Gregory Maquoma and Tom Dale. Since 2013 Nicola has been touring with Akram Khan Company. He is also the rehearsal director for XENOS—the opening performance of the 14th Territory Festival. Nicola runs workshops and master classes across the world. In 2017 he received the qualification to teach the Double Skin/Double Mind methodology developed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten and based on four principles: breathing, jumping, expanding and reducing.