Dance master class (VACUUM)

About performance

With training both in classical ballet and contemporary dance, dancer and choreographer Gyula Cserepes has devised his own approach based on the study of the nature of rhythm and movement. He believes that rhythm is a universal language accessible to everyone. During his master Class, Gyula will show and explain how various tools can be used to tune our movement, articulation and coordination, which can allow us to better ‘hear’ our bodies and focus. These exercises, he believes, can be useful not only in dance practice, but also in everyday life. 

Gyula Cserepes is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. He grew up in Yugoslavia and started his dance career at the Central Europe Dance Theatre in Budapest and with the international dance collective En-Knap Group, where he worked with choreographers and directors like Iztok Kovač, David Zambrano, and Milan Tomášik. In the recent years he has been working with József Trefeli and Philippe Saire and has toured with their productions across Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe.