This is the third year in a row when the educational program is supported by the SIBUR company.

For the first time the festival declares itself not only as a showcase but also as a school of contemporary art. There were no analogues of such festival in Russia until the appearance of TERRITORIЯ. Dozens of students from different cities from all over Russia come to TERRITORIЯ to participate in workshops with leading mentors, directors, actors, choreographers and artists from different countries. In the entire history of the festival, students had the opportunity to meet with such directors as Jan Fabre, Declan Donellan, Thomas Ostermeier, Josef Nadj, Dmitry Krymov, Lev Dodin, Alexey Herman-Jr and many others.

It is the festival who introduces the students to the “different” art to which they are not accustomed and have never seen in their hometowns. So, for several generations of professionals, TERRITORIЯ became the point of reference - students can remember themselves “before” and “after” the festival happening.

Participation in the Festival's student program is open for: 

А) 3rd year or higher students of arts universities (acting, directing, set design, choreography faculties) 

B) Independent participants: 
— Young actors, directors, set designers graduated from the arts departments of the institutes of higher education no more than 2 years ago and working within these professions; 
— Young people actively working in the field of contemporary theatre, interested in actual culture and continuing professional education as well as new experiences and practices. 
Participants will be selected by Festival’s art-direction based on completed application forms. The application form will be available to download in the “Application form” section.

The festival pays for accommodation in Moscow during the educational program, three meals daily and tickets to the program events are included. 

The round trip to Moscow is to be paid by the participant of the student program himself. Fabr-305.jpg